Does Ice Cream Go Bad

Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

Oftenly, most of our guests tend to purchase ice cream in a larger quantity and store them at home to have it at any convenient time. But, is it safe to have these ice cream after a few days? Is ice cream bad for you after a certain period of time? With its sweet and creamy flavor, it becomes so irresistible to have them. On the top of that, you can add any variety of toppings and enjoy a unique tasting ice cream all by yourself.

But storing it is quite difficult. Although freezer is definitely the best place to store the ice cream but what temperature of the freezer is best to settle for. And when stored at the right temperature, how long does the ice cream stays as it is. Can you store the ice cream in nitrogen liquid and will it stay good? Let’s quickly look at each of these questions.

How Long Does Ice Cream Last in the Freezer?

Yes, unfortunately, our ice creams do go bad and we can stop it by just freezing it. But it still goes bad even after storing it in the freezer. So, the next time you opt out for having that ice cream from the freezer, you need to check whether its good to eat or you will have to discard it. When you store your ice cream in the freezer, the number of days it lasts for depends on the factors like:

  • If the tub is unopened and is kept in the fridge than it may lasts for as long as 3 to 4 months. Although to get the best taste of the ice cream, it is recommended to have it within a period of 2 months
  • If the pack has already been opened, then the ice cream in it lasts for no longer that a month before getting unhealthy to eat
  • If you are storing a citrus fruit ice cream then do not store it for more than 2 days otherwise the fruit may start releasing water and spoil the ice cream
  • Ice creams like Seasalt or blue moon lasts for about 10-12 days if the tub is opened

How to Tell If Ice Cream Is Bad

It is quite a myth that freezing food might prevent it from having any bacteria. But as we said, it is a myth, a frozen product can also get bacteria and eventually the food goes bad. So, even the frozen food expires. But how do you know that the frozen ice cream has gone bad?

It is very simple to know that the frozen ice cream has gone bad as the tiny ice crystals over the top layer of the ice cream. Some people eventually get rid of the ice crystals from the top and eat the rest of the ice cream. But it is not advisable to have it by removing the ice crystals layer as it has already lost all of its flavor and might cause harm to your body and make you sick.

How to Store Ice Cream

As we all know an ice cream needs to be stored in freezer in a dry corner. But, did you know that some areas in the freezer are more prone to getting moist or there are significant changes in the temperature in some parts of the freezer? You need to take care of not storing the ice cream in that part of your freezer.

The best temperature to store the ice cream in the freezer is at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you remove the pack and take a scoop or two and keep it back in there, you must make sure you cover the ice cream completely and keep it at the same place as it was earlier kept.

Do not refreeze your melted ice cream – it is more harmful then having the ice crystals version of it. So, if your ice cream has melted, either have it all as a milkshake or discard it. if it has been out for more than half an hour then do not consume it – just discard it off.

Some ice creams like our Turkish ice creams or the Japanese style ice cream are quite thicker and so, takes longer to melt down but if it has been out since half an hour yet isn’t completely melted, still discard it.


Ice creams are irresistible treat to self as well as to the others. You might love a particular ice cream and would love to store it at the convenience of your home – you can do that but not for all the ice creams (not the fruit ones).

And you need to store it properly as to get the best out of it. Ice creams also do go bad and hence, you need to keep a track of its manufacturing date as well as the expiry date. You must avoid eating harmful kinds of ice creams as stated above. Its okay if you cannot store your ice creams for longer, we are always here to serve you with great staff and good qualitative products.

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