For more than 25 years, Luis Abundis has been making all-natural, fresh hand-churned ice cream. He takes pride in not only making the best-tasting ice-cream, but also in making ice cream the way it should be made–using natural ingredients straight from the farmers markets. Come by and taste for yourself. We are located in Oakland’s Fruitvale Public Market.

Unlike other local ice-cream shops in the vicinity, we don’t stock up for months at a time. Fresh and natural ingredients being our prime asset, we only refrigerate our materials for a week at the maximum. To further help keeping our ingredients fresh, our shop only uses feature-packed frost-free refrigerators that are rated as the best of modern times by multiple refrigerator reviews online. Besides, our ice shaving machines, blenders, ice-cream dipping cabinets, sinks and dishwashers are at par with the highest cleanliness standards.