For more than 25 years, Luis Abundis has been making all-natural, fresh hand-churned ice cream. He takes pride in not only making the best-tasting ice-cream, but also in making ice cream the way it should be made–using natural ingredients straight from the farmers markets. Come by and taste for yourself. We are located in Oakland’s Fruitvale Public Market.

Unlike other local ice-cream shops in the vicinity, we don’t stock up for months at a time. Fresh and natural ingredients being our prime asset, we only refrigerate our materials for a week at the maximum. To further help keeping our ingredients fresh, our shop only uses feature-packed frost-free refrigerators that are rated as the best of modern times by multiple refrigerator reviews online. Besides, our ice shaving machines, blenders, ice-cream dipping cabinets, sinks and dishwashers are at par with the highest cleanliness standards.

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Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

Unique Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

After checking out the recipe for the tasty Turkish Ice Cream, you must be wondering what about the unique ice cream flavors from around the world, what are the other flavors that Nieves Cinco De Mayo has that are uniquely available in the locality and are famous around the world.…

Does Ice Cream Go Bad

Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

Oftenly, most of our guests tend to purchase ice cream in a larger quantity and store them at home to have it at any convenient time. But, is it safe to have these ice cream after a few days? Is ice cream bad for you after a certain period of…

Turkish Ice Cream Recipe

Tasty Elastic Turkish Ice Cream Recipe

Did you know the Turkish call their ice creams as Dondurma (means freezing)? We found their language and people super cute. They are so much giving kind. They invite you and lets you enjoy their food and desserts. The Turkish ice creams are little different as compared to the other…

Is Ice Cream Bad for You

Is Ice Cream Bad for You? Is it Harmful?

We have bad news and we have good news for you in here. In summers, or even I other seasons, there are literally so many passionate ice cream lovers. Most of us love to have ice creams, and because now we almost find it at most of the shops, the…

What is Nitrogen Ice Cream

What is Nitrogen Ice Cream? How it Works?

How well have you heard of a nitrogen ice cream? Isn’t that something different? We have so many guests who just love to have these treats. We started this kind of ice creams in 2016 post which, we have had a number of regular young guests. This no-chill ice cream…

Blue Moon Ice Cream recipe

Super Easy Blue Moon Ice Cream Recipe

For each variety of desert, you can find different known and some variety of fresh dishes for each kind of desert. Same is the case with the ice creams too. At Nieves Cinco De Mayo, we offer a range of ice creams – popular as well as the unique varieties…