Is Ice Cream Bad for You

Is Ice Cream Bad for You? Is it Harmful?

We have bad news and we have good news for you in here. In summers, or even I other seasons, there are literally so many passionate ice cream lovers. Most of us love to have ice creams, and because now we almost find it at most of the shops, the frequency of ice cream eating has increased. With more and more varieties and flavors, more people are getting on it and so too the frequency of having them has increased. And Ice creams do go bad so that too is harmful.

But, are these Ice creams good for you and your body? The bad new is no, they are way too risky as they possess major health risks for individuals. But the good news is that natural, less flavored and fresh ice creams possess least amount of risks as compared to the other ice creams. So, if you are thinking of having an ice cream, look for an ice cream store that offers natural and fresh ice cream variants like the Nieves Cinco De Mayo Brand.

Side Effects of Regular Ice Creams

As discussed earlier, the ice cream variants that we provide are completely natural and do not harm you in any way like the seasalt flavor or the blue moon flavor of ice cream. So, while we provide the natural varieties of ice cream, we will explore what side effects are caused when you eat any normal or old ice creams from other stores.

Weight Gain Risk

The non-natural flavors of ice creams have a high amount of sugar content and sweeteners that add fats to our bodies and create fat deposits resulting into weight gain. It doesn’t take long to gain weight but it definitely takes a lot of effort and time to lose the gained weight. So, it is important to maintain the idea weight by having only natural and good products.


In this era of junk and fast food, it is quite difficult for the body to stay healthy and safe. Like these junk foods, the non-natural flavors of ice cream causes bloating. It is said that a healthy stomach leads to a healthy mind. To maintain the healthy mind, it is important to maintain healthy stomach. These natural ice creams might be a little expensive as compared to its non-natural versions but, they help in staying healthy and fit.

Although some of our Ice creams like Turkish Ice cream and Japanese style ice cream has a lot of sugar and milk, still it is less dangerous than the non-natural variants of ice creams.

Kidney Issues

It is so sad, but true. Having Ice creams can also cause some or the other kidney problems. The dairy milk and the sugar in large quantities are present in the non-natural version of ice creams – that may be difficult for the kidneys to digest which in turn might cause issues in the kidneys.

Eye Irritation

We highly believe that homemade and hand-made ice creams are far less worrisome and dangerous to health as compared to the commonly sold ice creams. Some companies might as well use flammable liquid like butradehyde to their products which might cause a lot of irritation in your eyes in long run.

Sore Throat

Any kind of ice cream might cause a sore throat as there are super cold enzymes in it which might not suit your throat and might cause an allergy due to which you might face the issue of sore throat. If the ingredients in the ice cream are natural, then it is less likely to cause this problem as natural ingredients do not directly hit the throat keeping it safe from any issues.


This is quite huge as it is proved in a study that some brands add a little amount of cocaine in their ice creams which let’s the individual continuously have their ice creams and not to be satisfied by having a single cup. This is true and so, if you love having ice cream then you can rather have the natural ice creams or the homemade ice creams rather than the one’s mass sold in the market.


As said earlier, some ice creams contain cocaine that makes you sluggish rather than being active at the day time. It is important to note that it also deposits a lot of fats into the body which also in turn makes you unhealthy and sluggish.


Although we are an ice cream firm, we believe in having informed customer base than just cheating them on the name of a delicious dessert. It is very important for ice cream lovers to switch to a natural ice cream brand or prepare ice creams at home rather than taking up the ice creams from the cheap and not so good ice cream manufacturers.

You can check what kind of liquid nitrogen we use for you to understand what qualitative products, ingredients and ambiance we provide at our outlet as compared to the other ice cream outlets.

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