Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

Unique Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

After checking out the recipe for the tasty Turkish Ice Cream, you must be wondering what about the unique ice cream flavors from around the world, what are the other flavors that Nieves Cinco De Mayo has that are uniquely available in the locality and are famous around the world. So, here we are with one more popular version of ice creams that we have. The Japanese style of ice creams are unique more into healthy flavors as compared to the other flavors from other countries around the world.

So, are these ice creams bad for you? You will find out as you will get to know the flavors that you can have in the Japanese varieties of Ice creams. There are several Japanese ice creams that you can find are commonly found around the world so, we won’t be mentioning those ice creams. Here we will mention ice cream flavors that are unique available only in Japan and you must not have heard of them before. Note: We also offer the following Japanese ice creams with nitrogen over it.

Most Unique Flavors of Ice Cream in Japan

Our team has been through different places in Japan to get the best Ice creams from there that taste great to offer to our guests at our outlets. They have tried several varieties and brought in some of the really good tasting recipes that you can taste and have at our outlet. These ice creams have been given a little touch up and uniqueness to give it the look and feel of our own ice cream and to have a better taste of it. Let’s have a look at some Japanese flavors of ice cream that most of you will love to have.

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream

Our team found this amazing ice cream at Kumamoto in Japan. The normal or a common version can be a vanilla orange ice cream, but this one is different as it has chocolaty as well as the orangy flavor in it. you can also try this one with a chocolate cone or try out having a vanilla orange ice cream in a chocolate cone – it tastes perfect and yummy-lious that you will never forget the taste of it.

Squid Ink Ice Cream

Also known as Ikasumi, this is a dark ink colored ice cream is a bit of novelty ice cream that is quite common in Japan. This terrific ice cream looks quite fishy as it has the dark black color but if you are adventurous with your food, you will definitely try it out. The look might give you a thought of it being a black current flavor but the flavor of this ice cream is vanilla-ish and little chocolaty flavor. Whosoever has tried it once have had it several times.

Tottori Pear Ice Cream

Found specifically in Tottori, this ice cream has the taste of a Pear. It is one of the top loved flavors of ice creams in Japan. It is made of real pear juice so; it has a clear taste of pear in it. This is such an obvious ice cream in our list as we offer all the natural flavor ice creams like the sea salt ice cream flavor. We offer this ice cream specifically in our seasonal flavors as they come in small cups and you can have them a greater number of times.

Soy Sauce Ice Cream

Yes! Quite a different flavor. As we all know soy sauce has been a Japanese invention and so is the soy sauce ice cream. This ice cream has been brought in by a collaboration between a soy sauce company and an ice cream manufacturing company to promote soy sauce in the form of ice cream as well as in the form of ice cream toppings. It has the salty flavor of the soy sauce along with creamy and sweet flavor of vanilla in it. try this one out to get a completely different ice cream experience like the Blue Moon Ice cream.

Black Sugar and Plum Ice Cream

You must have never ever heard of a Plum ice cream. When we heard of it, we felt it wouldn’t be as good as the other flavors in the list. But then eventually it came in the top 5 of our list because of the unique taste and effect it offers. Effects in a way that many people really love this fruit and have been waiting for this unique invention. Hence, after trial they really loved it like the most other flavors in the list.

This ice cream originates from Nachi-Katsuura place in Japan. Since it has black sugar in it along with the fresh plum pulp, the ice cream is preferred by most of the Japanese people. The black sugar tastes much like the brown sugar and the other parts of this amazing ice cream tastes like caramel because of the vanilla and plum pulp in it.


There are several other Japanese varieties of ice cream that we have at our outlet. Which are Pear shaved ice cream, Purple sweet potato ice cream, Wasabi ice cream, healthy buckwheat ice cream, bitter melon ice cream, red beans ice cream, green tea ice cream and many more such unique flavors.

We believe your visit to our outlet would be completely worth and joyful. We highly prefer offering fresh products and so, do not wait until Ice cream goes bad. Come at our outlet and rejuvenate yourself with these delicious flavors of Japanese ice creams.

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