Turkish Ice Cream Recipe

Tasty Elastic Turkish Ice Cream Recipe

Did you know the Turkish call their ice creams as Dondurma (means freezing)? We found their language and people super cute. They are so much giving kind. They invite you and lets you enjoy their food and desserts. The Turkish ice creams are little different as compared to the other ice creams as they are sweeter, sticky, stretchy and creamy.

Yes! You read it right, Turkish ice creams are stretchy more then our blue moon ice cream for which we use the term cheesy. This one is more different for its stretchy and stickiness. They are basically made of milk and sugar like most of the dondurma’s, so, are they good for you? You will find that out. These dondurma’s are thickened with salep which is a specific type if powdered orchid bulb.

Why is the Turkish Ice Cream Sticky?

The Turkish ice creams are also known for its consistency and flavorfulness. This means, you will find the same taste the dondurmas all around Turkey. As mention earlier, Salep is the reason why the Turkish Ice cream is sticky and elastic texture. Although Salep is the basic ingredient in every ice cream flavors in Turkish ice creams, they do not call it as the salep dondurma.

Turkish Ice Cream Recipe

All the Turkish ice creams are not only sticky, they are very dense and chewable. So, it takes longer for these ice creams to melt down. None of our competitors here have the recipe to this amazingly tasting dondurma. We learnt it there and we serve it at our Nieves Cinco De Mayo store specially for our guest’s delight. Many of our guests come from distance to experience the delight of this ice cream. We are disclosing this recipe for our customers to know how much fresh and good products we use to delight our customers.


  • 4 Cups of Milk
  • 1 Tsp of Salep
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
  • Few Drops of Blue Food Coloring (optional)


Step 1: Take a medium-sized bowl – include sugar, salep and vanilla extract in it

Step 2: Stir and mix all the ingredients together and on the other side, heat the milk a little to warm it up

Step 3: Add the Salep mixture to the milk and stir it up – make sure that there are no lumps formed and stir in only one direction until it forms a pudding like texture

Step 4: Now, heat the mixture at low to medium flame while you still continuously stir for the initial 2 minutes and then let it het for around 30-40 minutes at the low heat

If you wish to add color than add drop by drop here and stir after each drop to get the consistent color on your ice cream.

Step 5: As the pudding like structure is formed, take it off the gas and let it cool for some time.

Step 6: Once the mixture cools down, keep the bowl in the freezer for around 30-40 minutes and let it set in

Step 7: Post 30 minutes, remove the bowl and whisk the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes with a fork and add in some ice crystals around the bowl – now keep the bowl back into the freeze, repeat this for 4-5 times and this will create the elasticity in the ice cream

Step 8: Now transfer the entire mixture into an air tight container and let it freeze for the next 5 hours or overnight and you will get your super delicious Turkish ice cream ready to be served.

You can add up any flavor to this unique ice – for flavors, you can try up adding pulp or the extract of that flavor while you add the vanilla extract to your Turkish ice cream. You can also try out Japanese Ice creams at our outlet or take it away at home and store it well.

At our store, we have a variety of ice creams that probably wouldn’t have tasted unless you have been through every ice cream parlor around the world. The variety that we have is large, you will require days if you want to try out each variety and try 10 varieties on a day. Ice creams varieties like sea salt and Turkish Ice cream are super famous at our outlet. We also have some really good nitrogen variety of ice creams that you can try out.

If you are thinking of having this dondurma at Turkey itself, then try visiting there in the summer as you will find a variety of stores from where you can get this amazing ice cream. But you will hardly find them in the winters as the atmosphere there is too cold during winters to have an ice cream. In winters, you can try out Salep hot cup in Turkey – perfect treat to yourself to get a little hot during the super cold weather.

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