What is Nitrogen Ice Cream

What is Nitrogen Ice Cream? How it Works?

How well have you heard of a nitrogen ice cream? Isn’t that something different? We have so many guests who just love to have these treats. We started this kind of ice creams in 2016 post which, we have had a number of regular young guests. This no-chill ice cream treat is a no-forget treat too. You will remember this treat for years. Interesting and delicious ice cream treat for you is here at the Nieves Cinco De Mayos!

Since its launch, most of the ice cream shop owners have this specific machine or product to enhance their guest experience. So, how are we different? We have a variety of ice creams for which you can ask for a nitrogen liquid and we also have a cookie variety which you can directly take in your mouth and enjoy the cold smoky breeze coming out. You can also have Japanese ice creams with nitrogen effect at our outlets.

What Exactly is Liquid Nitrogen and How it Works?

As most of us know that nitrogen too like the other elements is available in three states – namely solid, liquid and gas forms. The different thing in nitrogen is that it is naturally present in the form of gas in the atmosphere to the extent that while we breathe, we take in more than around 70 percent of nitrogen.

When we freeze the nitrogen at around -320 degrees Fahrenheit, it comes to a liquid state but the liquid state of nitrogen is completely colorless, tasteless and odorless – at this state, when we pour it over any food, that food tries and turns it back to the gaseous state which in turn gives the smoky texture. As said earlier, nitrogen is taken in by us in every breathe, so, consuming it in this form also doesn’t harm you at all. But, you cannot store your Ice cream in there.

Reasons Why You Love Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Like the other delicious varieties of ice creams, we offer like the blue moon ice cream, seasalt ice cream and many more, this one doesn’t actually make any ice creams nor does it give taste to any ice creams. So, how does this liquid have so many fans and why do people love to get their ice creams a touch of the liquid nitrogen. Here is the answer for it.


First thing that comes to our mind when we talk about liquid nitrogen is that it gives a completely different texture to the traditional looking ice cream. As we check above how the process works, it is clear how it changes the look of the ice cream. This look is completely exotic. Not only for ice creams, some restaurants also use these gases for giving a better textured look to their foods. When you have the Turkish Ice cream with nitrogen over it, you will completely fall in love with it.

Fresh Look

Although we provide freshly made products to our guests, we prefer them to have a fresh look to the food that is served to them and for this, nitrogen plays an important role. It is a fact that whenever we order something, we opt to have smoke coming out of it to understand it is freshly made. Like that – although in ice cream, you might not wish to have the smoke, but the nitrogen smoke excites you to have the ice cream and enjoy the dessert to the best.


While we add nitrogen to your ice cream, we tend to make it thicker and provide pure taste to it rather than having any air bubbles or ice molecules in it. But, is this denseness of ice cream bad for us? Know about it with us.

Explore Options

Even after adding the liquid nitrogen, you can make changes in the flavors and add some toppings or other customizable ingredients to your ice cream. You can add this liquid nitrogen even in your vegan and dairy-free versions of your ice cream. You can mix and add flavors to the ice ream as per your own desires.


Visit us to have some delicious tasting unpopular as well as popular ice cream variants at any time of the day. These ice creams are stored in the best possible form to bring to you the most fresh and tasty version of it. We also have a liquid nitrogen machine with which we can also freeze and bring to you the ice creams with liquid nitrogen over it. You will all love the ice cream, ambiance and the look of your order for your next Instagram click!

We have a flavorful ice cream along with a flavorful nitrogen too. This means that we offer you different flavors of nitrogen also. Like the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, as well as peanut butter. Now, grab an ice cream, add up some toppings and over that add your favorite flavored nitrogen. A perfect summer dessert is ready for you.

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